ZODIAC THRILLER: Sagittarius (22 Nov – 21 Dec)

Our anonymous and unqualified astrology expert dishes up some starsign-gazing suggestions.

Sagittarians, the centaurs of the sky. You are restless, progressive, honest, impatient and an expressive lover.

Philosophical thinking pumps through a true Sagittarian’s veins and there’s nothing more thought-provoking than gin. For the finest drop, exhibit A is, well, Exhibit A. It’s a triple-Waikanae-rainwater-distilled, small-batch gin packaged in keepsake ceramic vessel by ours truly, Gidon Bing.

There’s a male chicken (rooster) named Rocket, who was found wandering through someone’s backyard after being chased by a dog. Despite the trauma, Rocket is exhibiting a confident streak and looking for his forever home in Auckland, New Zealand.

The ever-so-slightly reckless Sagittarius may resonate with this virtual view of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night via the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

If you were due to explore the world this year and then a really fucking annoying pandemic fucked with your plans, you are not alone. Songwriter and lead vocalist of The Beths, Elizabeth Stokes, is missing people “When you’re home, you miss everybody, and when you’re away, you miss everybody.” Take a listen to their new vinyl, Jump Rope Gazers, and commiserate or don’t commiserate and simply enjoy some good music.

Nothing screams independence like a bookish-bag. Kowtow offer new double-pocket totes in brass, natural or olive.

The textbook Sagittarius is renowned for their adaptability but we all know, deep down, they are loyal fans of a straight line. Which is why, I think, you’ll enjoy I Never Met a Straight Line I didn’t Like. Matthew Arnold and photographer, Mary Gaudin, deliver a banger of a book which features 12 homes built in Christchurch between 1962 and 1973.

You are an optimistic (and sometimes quite lucky) bunch and Gucci’s new season includes a garment that visually sums up those adjectives very well. Crafted from green cotton bouclé is the Cotton Bouclé Top made in line with Gucci Equilibrium, the Italian fashion house’s commitment to generating positive change for people and planet.

A Brent Harris artwork from Robert Heald Gallery in Wellington, such as Peaks (In Praise of Hands), 2019.

Jump Rope Gazers by The Beths.

Peaks (In Praise of Hands),
2019 by Brent Harris.

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