Hair getting unruly, to put it mildly? If you’re anything like me, it’s becoming more apparent, by the hour, that I should’ve had a goddamn haircut pre-this situ.


Dilemma: Cutting your hair at home is not a wise option (fact) and we have to wait potential eons until we can see our stylist again. And, the major kicker is, all of a sudden it’s Level 3 and we can venture out in public a little more. Solution: It’s okay though, I’ve devised a cunning plan. Just pop a hat on. See my favourite recommendations, available to buy online right now.



Acne Studios — Corduroy Bucket Hat
A classic, unstructured bucket hat — with a genuine retro feel thanks to the navy or brown corduroy options. Complete with embroidered logo.



Issey Miyake — Crossword Stitch Bucket Hat (left)
The legendary Japanese designer adds his master-of-material touch on the classic bucket hat. Surprise, surprise — it works and I love it.

Jil Sander — Coated & Chintzed Linen Hat (right)
Jil Sander has never looked as it does under the creative direction of Lucie and Luke Meier. This coated fishermans hat is exactly what you’d expect from the design duo powercouple — a minimal and modern take on a classic.





Paris Georgia — Wide Brim Hat (left)
“Protect ya neck!” Paris Georgia’s wide brim hat will keep you well covered.

Beams — Plus Army Hat (right)
Based on the shape of a 40s US army work hat and made from indigo cotton, dress it up to create a streetwear juxtaposition or just take your look back to the 1940s.




Versace Jeans Couture — Bucket Hat (left)
If you’re gonna opt for an OG bucket hat classic, I recommend you go full-steam transportation back into the 90s — @venedaacarter vibes much?

A-COLD-WALL* — Snap Pocket Bucket Hat (right)
In keeping with the philosophy of London’s A-COLD-WALL*, function is at the forefront and centre of this hat’s clever design. With the unpredectability of every day right now, its best to prepared for anything.





Prada — Nylon Logo Hat (left)
Sometimes you just have to be bold. And when you do, do Prada.

Affix — 30 WT Logo Cap (right)
A six-panel cap is something every guy should have at their disposal and, if you’re gonna go street best to stick with the experts. Affix is the result of the unification of Kiko Kostadinov, Taro Ray, Stephen Mann and Michael Kopelman — some of streetwear’s most reputable names. They know what they’re doing.

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