Yachtrock: Prada + adidas new boat shoes

Prada tag in adidas for a sustainable update to their iconic 1997 America’s Cup sneaker.

Words Adam Bryce
Photography Supplied

Throw yourself back to 1997 and Auckland was all about the America’s Cup. The Viaduct Harbour, purpose-built for the influx of sailing fans from around the world, changed Auckland’s landscape forever.

Alongside the victorious hubbub of a home win, Prada’s America’s Cup team sailing sneakers were concurrently adopted by fashion fans and their popularity have never waned.

Now, fast-forward yourself to 2021 and Auckland will be all about the America’s Cup once again. Unfortunately sans many international visitors, given the current travel issues, but a global super-event on the sporting calendar nonetheless.

And there are new shoes in the mix. Prada, this time in conjunction with adidas, have redesigned their boat shoe for a new generation of sailing and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Comprised of up-to-the-minute innovative materials, the super lightweight sneakers are designed with sustainability at the core — both the upper and lining are made from adidas’ PRIMEGREEN, a 100 per cent recycled polyester.

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