Wrap a piece of Simon Denny around your neck

Artist Simon Denny quietly (but hopefully not fleetingly) enters the fashion game for a neckwear release.


A firm favourite at INDEX, New Zealand-born, Berlin-based artist Simon Denny has entered the luxury fashion market (well, temporarily at least) with a silk scarf made in collaboration with the Berlin Program for Artists (BPA).

The piece channels formats developed in Denny’s Document Relief series which feature corporate patent applications to highlight unseen tech developments, good or bad.

The scarf, entitled Berlin Blue, overlays an image of Tesla’s Gigafactory currently in construction near Berlin. Atop that are drawings from two recently filed battery patents, one by Tesla and the other by Natron Energy which is developing a new high-power, longlife and low-cost battery technology.

Produced with a cyanotype-influenced aesthetic, the scarf is intended to conjure “abstract notions of intellectual property” as they become tangible powers with real impact within a changing city.”

With a limited-edition run of 80, the reactivly printed silk scarves (100cm x 100cm) are available now directly via BPA. All proceeds are contributed to  BPA’s free programme, an initiative which connects emerging and established artists in Berlin.

simon denny


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