Woodworking with Machines, @THE WARREN


Woodworking with Machines


25th February – 18th March 2021


The Warren, 2a Cross St, Auckland


This four-week course will teach you how to safely operate the essential machinery in a wood workshop. Learn to select wood, mill wood to square, and gain confidence on major woodworking machines, including the mitre saw, jointer, thickness planer, disc sander, and router.

The aim of the game is to make a super solid laminated chopping board, made from reclaimed timber that we have salvaged from building skips and villa demolitions (when in supply).

Woodworking with machines is suitable for beginners, and includes a full workshop induction, therefore attendees of this class are able to later use the machines without enrolling in a separate induction class.

What you will learn

  • General health and safety in the workshop

  • Measuring and marking out your project

  • Safe use of power tools including; thicknesser, planer/jointer, drop saw, disc sander, router

  • Gluing and finishing techniques

Beginners. No induction required.



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