Woodturning dreams into a reality

Written by Sara Black

Photography by Jiho Yun

Sam Choi, founder and creative director of Walk in The Park, makes woodwork cool again.

Woo-Lam (Sam) Choi was born in Korea in 1985 and migrated to New Zealand with his equally talented wife, Jiho Yun, in 2013. When you think couple goals, these two are it.

Choi studied woodwork and furniture design at Seoul’s Hongit University and turned his childhood passion into a turner’s dream, founding Walk in The Park in 2016. And since? His output has been prolific, his accolades have been worldwide and his daily routine still starts with the sharpening of his chisels (not a euphemism).

Today, fresh off the lathe, are Walk in The Park’s latest masterpieces of craft. No-nonsensely titled ‘Bowl on 4 Pillars’, the series are inspired from architectural forms and available exclusively online.

Choi strikes shape gold once again.



walk in the park
walk in the park

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