Why museums are scrounging around for Black Lives Matter signs

Written by Adam Bryce

Photography Tasos Katopodis

Amidst one of the most important times in the fight against racism, museums are sending their employees out to collect Black Lives Matter artifacts.

While the world is in mourning over the death of George Floyd, museums have a side agenda in the form of documenting the protest signs from the Black Lives Matter movement. The soon-to-be-historic visual references to a pivotal moment in time are being scooped by folk from the Smithsonian Institution outside The White House walls.

Last Wednesday, nine Smithsonian curators were spotted collecting art, signs and photographs and were quoted as saying, “recognising that the tragic killing of George Floyd has spurred a transformative time in US history, the Smithsonian Institution is collecting today so that the world, in the present and future, can understand the role that race has played in our complicated 400-year history. This coalition of museums will enable Smithsonian curators to work together with activists and groups on the ground to ensure that this grassroots-led community movement and pivotal moment is accurately documented.”

black lives matter placards

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