WAX LYRICAL: Aēsop deliver a new star-studded fable

Written by Sara Black

Landing 5 October, the luxury skincare brand deliver a three-candle drop inspired by the night sky.

You may consider star gazing as quite the niche hobby. Perhaps a little surplus to needs, even. There is, however, much merit due to those who crooked their necks, ultimately for the betterment of the human race. Think Aganice, Callippus and Ptolemy — three ancient astrologers who spent many an evening plotting celestial motions and drafting comprehensive treatise on astronomy.

Thus, we find ourselves at the apex of a monumental announcement. Aēsop have teamed with long-term collaborator Barnabé Fillion, on a highly anticipated product launch. Candles. Three candles. Which is where the ancient astrologers come into play.

The candle, Aganice, is mostly spicy with a pairing of cardamom and tobacco, and notes of the mimosa flower. Callippus reeks (nicely) of frankincense — woody and earthy with a fruity nuance. A splosh of guaiac wood (birchy) and shiso (spicy-fresh) round it out. The candle, Ptolemy, gives off light smoky vibes with grounding in cypress, cedar, and top notes of vetiver. 

“As is customary in our partnership with Barnabé, scientific rigour worked hand-in-hand with ardent intellectual curiosity, and tradition with innovation.” — Dr Kate Forbes, Aēsop’s innovation director.

Each candle is encased in a (repurposable) alabaster ceramic vessel and the wax formulation boasts vegan-friendly ingredients.


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