Vitra gets the découpage treatment — cut-outs, paint effects et al

Written by Adam Bryce

Photography Supplied

Parisian brothers, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, sibling-up and create a series of playful vases for Vitra.

Brothers and award-winning product designers, Ronan and Erwin Bouroullec, can now add découpage-inspired vases to their impressive CV list.

Vases Découpage are a series of ceramic vases comprised of a cast cylinder, an extruded bar and hand-cut slab. The elements, which all have a raw, organic nature to them, can be re-arranged in experimental play — either attached to or placed inside the vase, allowing you get creative and finesse your own unique piece.

Bold yet harmonious, the collection has stormed to the top of our wish list.


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