UK artist Tracey Emin opens up on solitude

Written by Adam Bryce

English multi-media creative, Tracey Emin, shares a new exhibition of artworks created during lockdown, aptly named ‘I Thrive On Solitude’.

Autobiographical and confessional works are, thankfully, nothing new to Emin but the enforced lockdown has created a government-imposed time for a deep level of self-reflection. A member of the famous ‘Young British Artists’ group who took the world by storm in the late 80s, Emin explores the ways the pandemic has affected her and the art world, as a whole.

The pieces, all painted in the artist’s London home, depict a dreamy and retrospective mind — a thumbprint of her time at home.

View the works online at White Cube’s online exhibition and step into the mind of a creative genius.




tracey emin artist

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