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Two Swedish superstars team to collaborate on, you guessed it, candles

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BYREDO and IKEA announce the ready of their two-years-in-the-making collaboration with immaculate timing.

In an era where home life matters a lot, many creatives are jumping on the candle bandwagon cleverly tapping into a worldwide, mostly housebound audience.

It’s certainly not Byredo’s first foray into the candle market but a limited-edition collaboration sees the Swedish giant teaming up with another Swedish beast, IKEA, for a more affordable line than their usual luxury fare.

Ben Gorham, Byredo’s founder and modern perfumer has, once again, gifted us his nuanced nose nods with a 19-candle, 13-scent range, split into three distinct categories — floral, woody and fresh.

Available from 1 November and ranging from US$4.99 to $24.99, the collection of wax-filled vessels are beautiful reusable rustic stoneware pots glazed with a duotone gradient indicative of the scent notes.

With many of us requiring as many mood-enhancers within our grasps as possible, the European pairing is a very welcome home accessories option.

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