Trending? Hyper-chunky, mono-toned boots

Written by Adam Bryce

Photography Supplied

Is it a trend when there are only a few designers doing it? We’re calling it so, when the designers are Bottega Veneta’s Daniel Lee and CamperLab’s Achilles Ion Gabriel.

Creative director Daniel Lee’s transformation of Bottega Veneta can only be described as a revelation. In the past couple of years, the designer’s minimalist take on the luxury fashion house has seen a once-dormant brand become one of the most coveted of today. And the fashion pack are keeping tabs on the modern moves.

The trend we see emerging? Just hyper-chunky, mono-toned boots. Already one of the most talked-about must-haves of the season, Bottega Veneta’s BV Puddle Boots are made with a biodegradable polymer, a form of rubber which are waterproof and lightweight.

With a Chelsea boot-nod, they’re unisex and come in a somewhat liquorice-looking line up of colours including kiwi (green), rubber band (rubberband-ish), fondant (dark brown), black (black, obvs) and lollipop (bright pink).


Initially battling to disassociate with its parent label, Camper, CamperLab couldn’t quite shake off the brand association. Even with the help of Bulgarian fashion designer Kiko Kostadinov, Camper struggled to create the cool factor needed to outweigh its more mainstream parent.

But along came the appointment of Achilles Ion Gabriel as creative director drumming up almost as much hype as Lee’s Bottega Veneta triumph. Ergo, in true trend-spotting style, we spy another pair of hyper-chunky, mono-toned boots.

The Traktori Boots share the same minimal, single-colour aesthetic as Lee’s Puddle Boot. Sporting a futuristic silhouette, the slightly less exaggerated footwear feature a leather upper atop vulcanised-rubber, tooth-finished soles for superior grippage



Bottega Veneta’s BV Puddle Boots by Daniel Lee.

CamperLab’s Traktori Boots by Achilles Ion Gabriel.

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