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There have been no shortage of messages flying around social media about the notion of supporting local businesses and, take a look outside (where is everybody?), it’s obvious why. The patriotic support shouldn’t be a sole-pandemic-related effort though. New Zealand fashion deserves your support every day, and here’s why.

The industry is much larger than just brands and retailers

By supporting local fashion brands, we allow a much bigger part of the economy to keep working. Our support helps stylists, freelance pattern makers, photographers, PR and marketing companies, fashion magazines, hair stylists, makeup artists and the extended manufacturing industry to stay afloat.

The global fashion industry has an enormous sustainability problem

Textile production, alone, produces 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide per year and less than 1 per cent of materials used to produce clothing are recycled. The stats are staggering and endless. We can proudly state, however, that the New Zealand fashion industry is a world leader in creating a more sustainable industry.

Brands such as Maggie Marilyn and Kowtow have become some of the world’s most important fashion pioneers when it comes to their practices and ability to influence the industry to change.

New Zealand Fashion has integrity

Many high-profile New Zealand fashion brands manufacture their garments sustainability and, in fact, have their garments produced here in New Zealand. That’s a rare thing these days and a major reason as to why we manufacture in not only a sustainable way, but in also a very ethical way.

A multitude of large, global fashion brands produce their clothes under conditions which exploit their employees in numerous ways. While it’s understood that not all are in a financial position to purchase goods priced at the higher end of the scale, it’s clearly evident that, if a t-shirt costs NZ$5 to purchase, an injustice has occurred in the value of the factory workers in countries such as Bangladesh or China.

We punch well above our weight

In 1999, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise recognised the potential of nationally designed fashion and helped four burgeoning brands (later known as The New Zealand Four) to curate a group show for London Fashion Week.

The business development agency aided in the global success of Karen Walker, Zambesi, WORLD and Kate Sylvester, proving that we could offer genuine world-class design. They’ve since dominated the local fashion scene but, while still sit at the top echelon, have slowly seen the rise of a new group of brands who, themselves, are seeing genuine global success. Georgia Alice, Maggie Marilyn, Kowtow, Wynn Hamlyn and Paris Georgia have set a new tone for a new-gen New Zealand fashion and stamped their mark. All young in experience but already incredibly successful, it’s still early days for these new pioneers. Their international success could create an economic windfall for New Zealand.

New Zealand fashion is incredibly unique

We have our own look. As a rule, fashion is led by trends out of Paris, London, Tokyo, New York and Milan. And, as the internet and social media becomes ever so accessible, trends become more and more immediate spreading easily and quickly.

But New Zealand’s emerging crop of fashion leaders seem to have created their own look. Globally relevant, as we can gauge through their successes but, excitingly, they don’t take much notice of the typical design fads.

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