Think Birkin was merely the name of a famous handbag? Wrong

Written by Sara Black

Photography Supplied

Webb’s Auction House is giving you the opportunity to buy into Birkin and Gainsbourg’s love affair.

The word ‘Birkin’ may conjure up visions of Drake’s collection of the Hermès bags for his future wife, that time Francesca Eastwood (kin of Clint) and photographer Tyler Sheild set one on fire for art’s sake or when the Mirror announced ‘Why Blowing thousands of pounds on a Birkin handbag might not be as bonkers as you think’.

You may also know that the Birkin bag was called so, after English-French actress, singer, songwriter, director and model — Jane Birkin. And, in 1968, Birkin embarked on a 10-plus-years romance with French singer, songwriter, pianist, film composer, poet, painter, screenwriter, writer, actor and director — Serge Gainsbourg.

They made sweet music together (literally), worked on various film projects together and kinda became couple goals for a generation. And they were photographed by Frank Habicht.

Keen on being a voyeuristic third wheel in that love affair? (I am). Auckland’s Webb’s Auction House is providing the opportunity as Habicht’s Lost in a Dream print will be up for purchase in their forthcoming POP auction (date to be announced). It measures 1040 x 710cm, is signed and comes with a selling estimate of NZ$7,000 to NZ$9,000.

Get your auction paddle at the ready and prepare yourself for a bidding war.

birkin gainsbourg

Lost in a Dream (detail) by Frank Habicht, 1969.

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