In 1949, filmmaker Henri Lavorel shot a documentary following a revolutionary new fashion designer, Christian Dior. Some 70-odd years on the film has been unearthed for all to enjoy.


If content wasn’t already king when it came to marketing your brand, the events of recent months has propelled it to the fore. Brands need to find ways to engage with their customers outside the scope of the normal transactional engagement. Few, however, have content gold like this documentary floating around in the attic archives.

Under the watchful eye of their first female creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior have released this never-before-seen footage of a then-two-year-old French couture house creating their A/W 1949 collection. Dior was in the midst of leading a post-war movement in fashion known as ‘new look’, a movement which has gone on to lay the foundations for one of the most iconic houses of all time.

Watch the documentary below…

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