The need-to-know on tubing mascara

Written by Bea Taylor

What the heck is tubing mascara? It’s the answer to the horrible, rub-your-eyes-to-near-death waterproof mascaras we all hate, but use anyway.

How do you choose your mascara? My method is fairly simple; anything but waterproof. I don’t know about you, but my preference is to wash my face with a gentle cleanser and a facecloth and have all my makeup come off easily. In other words, I prefer not to be left with a pair of beautifully volumised, waterproofed lashes that won’t budge without a fair bit of elbow grease.

Enter: tubing mascaras.

These hidden gems on the beauty cabinet promise the intriguing combination of waterproof wear and easy removal. While regular wax and oil mascaras paint your lashes in pigment to darken and lengthen, tubing mascara contains flexible polymers that actually wrap themselves around each of your lashes. These tube-like enclosures give your eyelashes length, colour and, most importantly, are water-resistant.

Instead of flaking and smudging throughout the day, these tubes stay in place until they’re coaxed off with a bit of warm water and gentle pressure (no makeup remover required).

How can it claim to be waterproof if you remove it with water? The formula is water-resistant, which means you can shed a tear, sweat and get caught in the rain without having to worry about receiving panda eyes for your efforts. But it’s the act of pulling the ‘tube’ of mascara off your eyelash with a facecloth (or your fingers, if you want to) and warm water that removes the formula — not just the water itself.

Once you pull the mascara off, you’ll be left with weird black gooey tubes on your facecloth and zero pigment on your lashes. PSA: when the mascara is wiped off it may look you’ve got little eyelashes on your facecloth — don’t panic. It’s just the tubes.

There is one catch. Whilst this magic formula is great for lengthening, it doesn’t deliver on the volume aspect like regular mascaras do. So, if you really want volumised, long lashes that are waterproof but can be removed with little effort, load up your lashes with a regular, volumising mascara and then apply a coat of tubing formula over the top to ‘set’ and stop smudging.

Want to give it a go? Try these ones:
The Volume Mascara by Kevyn Aucoin
Mega Multiplier Mascara by Revlon
Extended Play Gigiblack Lash Mascara by MAC Cosmetics
Lash Power Mascara by Clinique

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