The Medium is the Message by Various Artists


Nam June Paik (South Korea/USA), Carolee Schneemann (USA), Kevin Atherton (UK), George Barber (Guyana/UK), John Smith (UK), Jesse McLean (USA), Robyn Walton & Peter Cleveland (NZ), Janet Lilo (Tainui, Ngāpuhi, Samoan, Nuie/ NZ) Joe Sheehan (NZ), Claudia Kogachi (Japan/NZ), Yvonne Todd (NZ), Edith Amituanai (NZ), Gordon H. Brown (NZ).


1 August – 17 October 2020


Gus Fisher Gallery, Level 4, The Kenneth Myers Centre, 74 Shortland St, Auckland


The Medium is the Message is an exhibition that marks 60 years since the first official public television broadcast in New Zealand from Gus Fisher Gallery’s iconic heritage building as former radio and television studios in Auckland.


Devour (film still) by Carolee Schneemann, 2003-04.

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