The life of Yayoi Kusama is now a graphic novel

The 128-page book, entitled Kusama, hosts over 400 illustrations by Thai-Italian illustrator, Elisa Macellari.

Words Adam Bryce
Imagery Supplied

Not all artists are as famous as Yayoi Kusama nor as prolific but the Japanese artist, famous for her signature polka dots, has lived an extraordinary life.

Kusama is a new graphic novel which follows Kusama from the hallucinatory episodes she experienced as a child (that often included seeing dots), her move to New York in the 60s and subsequent reputational growth.

Followed by a period of declining success and mental well-being, Kusama eventually returned to Japan where she became the world-renowned artist she is today.

The book, documenting the life of the 91-year-old artist, hails from Laurence King Publishing, the same people behind the Graphic Lives series which document the biographies of artistic greats such as Basquiat and Pollock through beautiful illustrations.

Available now.


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