The cleanest, greenest beauty brand on Earth?

Written by Adam Bryce

In the same way that ‘sustainable’ and ‘conscious’ have become buzzwords for fashion marketing, ‘clean’ has followed suit in the beauty department. Most descriptors, however, sit in a murky grey area amidst a multitude of interpretations.

Typology, the new French skincare brand, is being labelled as the cleanest offering in the market. But the founder, Ning Li, is quick to clarify, “I use the word ‘clean’ cautiously because, for such a pristine concept, it’s a mighty grey area. One person’s highly effective wrinkle eraser is another’s toxin.”

One of the biggest issues within the beauty industry, is a lack of regulation around how terms of ‘clean’ are used, leaving consumers understandably skeptical. And, while Ning Li has tried to play down the accolades that his brand has received, there’s very little doubt behind the science. And the industry is buzzing.

Typology’s product typically contains about half the ingredients of your average skincare and even offers an edit within the range called ‘Ten’ which have 10 or fewer. Charmingly, some, like the best-selling Botanical Oil had just one — prickly pear.

The philosophy behind the brand is simple — it’s about paring things back and using only the most essential, naturally active ingredients. And, when it comes to marketing, that’s as equally simple. Their priority lies with creating the best possible products in the most natural and sustainable way, and delivering them to the consumer in the most direct and cost-effective way. Both clearly and admirably apparent in their direct-to-consumer sales approach and minimalist packaging.


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