The Auckland Festival of Photography

Written by Adam Bryce

Every June, Auckland plays host to the city’s festival of photography — a unique event which brings together photographers of all levels and genres.

In the same way that the festival is inclusive across emerging and established artists, the locations vary from Auckland’s major galleries, project spaces, non-gallery venues and public sites.

The festival is in full swing and runs through to 14 June. You can find a full programme of exhibitions and events here. Some of our stand-out highlights of the festival are below.


‘Point of View’ with Stephen Tilley and Petra Leary

A point of view is an essential part of storytelling whether you’re communicating with words or imagery; still photography or moving film. In this exhibition, renowned photographer Stephen Tilley is joined by Petra Leary to explore their considerations as award-winning visual artists and discuss their preferred techniques that range from black and white digital portraiture to moving film and documentary aerial photography.

What: Artist Talk Where: Studio 58, 15 Williamson Ave, Grey Lynn When: 1 – 2pm, Sunday 7 June

What: Exhibition Where: Studio 58, 15 Williamson Ave, Grey Lynn When: 5 – 12 June (9am – 5pm)

What: Satellite Exhibition (online/on-air) Where: Freeview Channel 200 When: 8pm, 28 May, 8 June & 12 June

‘My Head on your Heart’ by Roberta Thornley

‘My Head on your Heart’ is a suite of new works by Roberta Thornley that explore the tension between narrative time and the photographic image.

What: Exhibition Where: Tim Melville Gallery, 4 Winchester St, Grey Lynn When: 6pm, 9 June (10am – 6pm, Tuesday – Friday & 10am – 3pm, Saturday)

‘Softer’ by Greta van der Star

With the tendency to measure ourselves and what we display to the world to gain acceptance for the various roles a woman inhabits, we seek a delicate balance between being too soft and being too strong to inform our position.

What: Satellite Exhibition (online/on-air) Where: Public Record, 76 Ponsonby Rd, Grey Lynn When: 29 May (10:30am – 2:30pm, Tuesday & 10:30am – 5pm, Wednesday – Sunday)

‘Beyond the Index’ with Karen Crisp, Shona Dey, Jacob Hakopa Hamilton, Christine Jeffs, Cassey Locke, Anton Maurer, Haruhiko Sameshima and Yvonne Shaw

Photography’s analogous relationship to its subject holds even for digital photography. However, when it comes to creating meaning that might resemble truth telling, its indexical status is no guarantee. These photographers work with the mediums inevitable subjectivity while also embracing its documentary characteristics. Curated by Allan McDonald.

What: Satellite Exhibition (online/on-air) Where: Freeview Channel 200 When: 8pm, 29 May

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