Telly Tuita @Precinct35


Tongpop He-Story by Telly Tuita


6 – 30 August 2020


Precinct 35


This body of work follows Telly Tuita’s continued journey across the Tongpop landscape, consisting of a series of portraits acting as self-examination. He-story depicts Tuita faceless, and at times absent, as he continuously explores themes now generally synonymous with Tuita’s work around masculinity, cultural and personal identity.

Telly Tuita is Tongan-born, Wellington artist. Tuita works predominantly in paint and photography. Concerned with location, connection and cultural identity, Tuita’s practice is an ongoing review of people and events which traverses time. Mythical figures feature prominently in the works alongside people from Tonga’s colonial history. Deeply personal and simultaneously reflective of the experiences of many, Tuita’s works are gaining recognition across Australasia for their relevance, complexity and assuredness.

telly tuita

Promise in Wonderland by Telly Tuita, 2020.

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