Teen spirit bottled and ready to wear

Written by Adam Bryce

In a time when we look to the future in hope of change, in hope that the next generation will do things differently, Byredo, have released a new fragrance inspired by youth.

Byredo founder, Ben Gorham, has always created scents that are inspired by his own eclectic upbringing. Born in Sweden, Gorham’s mother is from India and his dad is half-Scottish, half-French Canadian.

Although, this time around, it’s the spirit of youth that’s at the heart of the new scent, Lil Fleur. It hints to promise and potential with a grounding sincerity through the use of damascena rose, cassis, tangerine, saffron, blonde woods, amber and vanilla.

Side note: We also give a standing applause to the campaign imagery. Shot by legendary Craig McDean with fashion favourite art directors, M/M Paris, it portrays “a cast of real-life characters as a living and multi-faceted embodiment of its teen spirit.”



byredo fragrance youth

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