Sure, pictures of penguins are great but best when photographed by Jamie Hawkesworth

Celebrate 200 years since the discovery of the Antarctic with a very special book.


British photographer extraordinaire, Jamie Hawkesworth, has just made available the pre-order of a special-edition book. Entitled To the Antarctic, this is no ordinary landscape photographer’s take on the continent.

Of course, there are penguins and snow, lots of snow, but all photographed from the eye of a creative genius who can’t help but capture the most spectacular of shots.

The book, commissioned to commemorate 200 years since the discovery of the Antarctic, is now available for pre-order via Hawkesworth’s website.

The blind-embossed, cloth-covered book features 50 mesmerising prints. And for those with a bigger budget, also available is a £1,000 hand-made box that includes c-type prints of the 50 photographs featured within the pages of To the Antarctic

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