Supreme + Pat McGrath = the ultimate hype beauty treatment

Written by Adam Bryce

Photography Supplied

In an I-really-didn’t-see-that-coming move, two superbrands combine to bring you a special shade of red.

Supreme’s newest collection drops tomorrow around the world. And, for many, MANY, it’s an important day of the year. 

Almost every Thursday, at Supreme stores around the universe, an orderly footpath-queue forms to sneak a peek at the brand’s latest releases. Tomorrow marks the first day of the new season, making that queue a little less orderly and a little more… well… bigger than it’s normal Thursday morning traffic jam.

And there’s an extra special product in the mix. A beauty collaboration with none other than Pat McGrath. Her McGrath Lab product line has, since its inception, garnered wild levels of demand — far exceeding supply. The website is at near-constantly sold out status.

It’s not the first time that Supreme have category-branched to collaborate. In fact, they’re rather renown for bringing hype to other worlds — think millionaire art dealers queuing amongst teenage skateboarders for Richard Prince skate decks.

This new release and its immediate mass-market appeal could be even trickier than normal for fans to navigate. It’ll be virtual elbow jabbing to be at the front of the queue to get mitts on the exclusive Supreme logo-emblazoned lipstick.

Oh, and if anyone cares, it’s a MatteTrance™ hyper-pigmented lipstick in shade ‘SUPREME’.


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