Succinct stool silhouettes thanks to David Moreland

Written by Sara Black

Photographed by Toaki Okano

David Moreland Design, in conjunction with Città, present the Platform Stool and it’s a design marvel.

David Moreland of David Moreland Design fame, sprung onto the New Zealand product design scene in 2009 and has gobbled up several well-deserved Best Awards pins since.

With a fair few exceptional furniture design moments under his belt (incl. beds, sofas, tables, chairs, mirror and lighting), we extend a warm welcome to this new offering — the Platform Stool. Designed back in 2017, we’ve been eagerly waiting for the production of the stool and, now, we wait no more.

Crafted from mild steel and powder-coated in a variety of Wes Anderson-ish tones, they’re also available with a leather-cushioned seat pad for optimal butt comfort.

David Moreland Platform Stool

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