Sphaera, setting the bar of soap high

Written by Sara Black

Photography Supplied

New Zealand’s Sphaera, drop a limited-edition soap specifically designed to combat all that scrubbing of hands.

A couple of years back, while innocently sniffing soaps at Everyday Needs (as you do) my nose stopped mid-whiff. It was a Sphaera soap bar, citrus and poppy seed to be exact, and I was hooked.

Founded in Wellington, New Zealand by artist and health practitioner Ali Johnson, Sphaera began in 2015 and has been winning over soap addicts ever since. Each bar is hand-crafted from the finest of natural ingredients and, to round out their sustainable ethos, wrapped in recyclable packaging.

Amidst the feverish amount of hand-washing required of late, Johnson took note and has developed a limited-edition bar retailing at cost price. With an all-natural mix of lemongrass and kawakawa, it’s a scent profile blended to brighten and uplift supporting key ingredients added for their mild anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. The thoughtful combination offers gentle exfoliation, protection and nourishment for our hands.

For sale until supply runs dry, the bars are available to purchase exclusively online and, side note, their kawakawa is harvested with respect according to Tikanga Māori and Rongoā Māori protocol.



sphaera sustainable soap

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