Snap up a Harley Weir (or similar) and support mental health

A print sale in aid of mental health curated by Nick Hadfield and Mikey Opie O’Grady.

Words Sabina Sysantos

An online photographic print sale in support of mental health was launched this week. SUB-MERGE features a selection of 24 prints by the likes of Harley Weir, Ed Atkins, and Nhu Xuan Hua, and a purchase of one is a direct donation to mental health charity, Mind. 

The selected works depict the worlds of technology and ‘reality’, and how they intersect in varying layers throughout our subconscious. SUB-MERGE aims to use art in the hopes of reconfiguring our relationship with technology, and the ways it affects our mental well-being. 

The project is curated by Nick Hadfield and Mikey Opie O’Grady of Emulsion, a creative studio and art publication based in London. They steer away from a dystopic point of view of technology and instead make a case for the transformative potentials of digital media, as explored by artists who incorporate innovative and creative uses of new technologies in their work. 

The project comes as a timely preparation for the next few weeks ahead. Mind expects mental health to be a more prominent social issue over the Christmas season, especially after the distressing events of this year.   

The sale is on from now until 16 December. All 12 x 16″ prints are available to purchase at £100 each, with 100 per cent of the proceeds going to Mind. 

Gwen, Mark and My Parents Confiscated Knives by Harley Weir, 2019.

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