Signs by Strange Goods x Satellites


Strange Goods x Satellites


24 July 2020


Strange Goods, 281 Karangahape Rd, Auckland


Signs is an evolving project featuring work by local writers, poets and artists in the light box outside Strange Goods on Karangahape Road.

In occupying a space typically used for commercial endeavours, Signs hopes to reclaim a fragment of the city’s streetscape and provide an alternative platform for arts practitioners to house their work. Contributed texts will infiltrate the mismatched signage and ephemera found along Karangahape Road — transforming monthly and prompting new discoveries for visitors, commuters and residents.

Chapter One of this project features work by Anisha Sankar, Ankita Singh, Migrant Zine Collective and Vanessa Crofskey with Chapter Two contributors to be announced in August.

The launch party will feature live readings, limited-edition merchandise and victuals provided by Uncle Man’s.

strange goods satellites

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