Seven things to bake that aren’t banana bread

Written by Bea Taylor

Sick of mashing bananas? Same. Here are some (just as delicious) alternatives to try.

Open an Edmonds Cookery Book and you’ll see there are literally hundreds of things you could bake. But, if you need some help navigating your way out of the monotony of banana bread, these simple alternatives will deliver the same sweet satisfaction.

Ginger loaf

It’s still a loaf, so this shouldn’t be too much of a drastic change for banana bread aficionados. In fact, you might even be a convertee after trying Sarah Tuck’s extra yum, extra gingery gingerbread loaf. This wonderfully moist loaf is so full of flavour — even the ginger-adverse will like it.


Scones are undervalued and often underappreciated. They have an unfair reputation for being dry, which is only the case if you work the mixture too much and cook them for too long (be gentle with these bready babes). Scones can literally satisfy all cravings; there are amazing three-cheese options for the savoury crowd, orange and date scones for those with slightly bougier palates and good old classic scones (with jam and cream, ofc).

Choc chip biscuits

If you haven’t been baking chocolate chip bikkies in your lockdown time, I’m wondering what the heck you’re even doing in the kitchen. These are the most fail-safe treats you could ever have the pleasure of gracing your baking tins. Now, there are a lot (and I mean a lot) of recipes out there claiming to be the best chocolate chip cookies. But, I will tell you here and now, these are the best ones you’ll ever make. My advice? Be generous on the condensed milk — my tablespoons are heaped — and if you really want to elevate them, use Whittaker’s creamy milk for the choc chip.

Cinnamon scrolls

Who on Earth doesn’t love a cinnamon scroll? The only problem with these sweet, soft, sugar-coated buns is that they’re really only at their peak fresh out of the oven. These are not a baking good to keep squirreled away in the tin. So, if you can be bothered going through a lot of effort for a one-day reward, this recipe is a winner.

Ginger slice

Two ginger-flavoured baked goods in one list? You best bloody believe it. Look, I don’t have much to say about this one, except, it’s a must bake. Once you try it, you’ll understand.

Bonus Round:


Time, dedication and attention to detail. If you’re a whack-it-in-the-mixer and then whack-it-in-the-oven kind of baker, then baking doughnuts isn’t for you. But, that’s why they’re in the bonus round section.

If you can be bothered, I would highly recommend giving these sugary, pillowy delights a go. The satisfaction when you get them right, is out of this world.

If the Krispy Kreme variety tickles your fancy, this recipe is for you. And, if you’re more of a filled doughnut (à la Little & Friday’s famously delicious ones), then give this recipe a whirl.

Lemon and blueberry loaf

Yip, another loaf, but this one is a couple of steps up from trusty banana bread. Ottolenghi’s lemon and blueberry loaf recipe is like nothing you’ve experienced before in your entire life.

It makes its way onto the bonus round for two reasons; firstly you need almond meal (not something everyone has in their cupboard) and secondly because it requires icing (not a biggie, but it does require slightly more effort).

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