Seven days at Bilpin Springs Farm

Photographer Michael Brunt captures Bilpin Springs Farm in the valleys of Sydney’s Blue Mountains.

photography Michael BRUNT

Located within earshot of the crashing waves of Bondi Beach, Sean’s is one of the most iconic dining experiences in Sydney. Since 1993, award-winning chef Sean Moran has brought his love of fresh and quality produce to Sydneysiders. The menu changing daily, determined by what seafood, poultry and livestock are available from local ethical farmers but, most importantly, responsive to what the restaurant’s own farm harvests.

Bilpin Farm is where everything starts for Sean’s, not only is it home to the produce that makes up the famous meals served in Bondi but also where Sean Moran, himself, develops his recipes.

Michael Brunt spent several days at the Blue Mountain’s organic farm photographing the land, workers, and Sean.

michael brunt

“Surrounded by the breathtaking Wollomi and Blue Mountains National Parks, the 50-acre farm in Bilpin is a hive of sporadic wholesome embellishments.”

“It really is a piece of paradise we love to share.”

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