Self-isolation sparks creativity for stylist, Katie Burnett

Written by Adam Bryce

Photography by Katie Burnett

Katie Burnett, regarded as one of the best stylists in the world today, has work regularly featured in Vogue Italia, More or Less, Holiday and other high-profile magazines.

During this time of isolation, there’s been no shortage of creativity in every walk of life and image-makers have, thankfully, been keeping busy.

Stylist Suzanne Koller, best known as the co-founder of Self Service magazine has been creating stunning still life images from everyday objects around her home. Berlin-based photographer Thomas Lohr’s photographs of daily life from his apartment window have been something I look forward to daily on Instagram. But it’s Burnett’s iPhone self portraits that have kept my feed truly inspired.

New York-based stylist Burnett claims “I’ve always loved having an obstacle course,” and it seems the restrictions of self-isolation have done nothing to impair this hugely talented stylist’s creativity. Armed only with her styling kit, items from around the home and her iPhone camera, Burnett’s created a series of self-portraits that I wouldn’t hesitate to say are some of my favourite images I’ve seen in some time.

The timeless images heaped in creativity have a timelessness about them, with the high-contrast, black-and-white photos created by a process of printing, scanning and re-printing to give the images extra personality.

Burnett’s images prove that, while we may be restricted in the way we go about creating imagery, our mind is forced to find new ways to create. The future of image making will not be stalled by this pandemic, it could well be enhanced if this stylist has anything to do with it.



katie burnett isolation shoot
katie burnett isolation shoot

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