Seeing Is Believing by Mary-Louise Browne


Mary-Louise Browne


20 September 2020 – 31 December 2021


Objectspace, 13 Rose Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland


Seeing Is Believing is presented backwards but its ghost is reflected reading forward on the shiny surface of the concrete pad. Toying with reality and artifice this text work creates the illusion that the depicted object exists in both two and three dimensions — a playful slippage in which the current experience creates a space for interpretations to be either confounded or realised.

Neon is particularly effective in this instance, it conflates the materiality of phosphorus tubing with the connotations of the words depicted and reflexively incorporates the viewer into the work who is so visually attuned that they can read this work in both directions without being aware of its mechanisms.


Money Bags by Moniek Schrijer, 2020.
Image: Samuel Hartnett.

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