Secure the bag: unlimited Telfar, one day only

Written by Sabina Sysantos

Imagery Supplied

For 24 hours this Wednesday 19 August, Telfar becomes made-to-order. 

Almost too good to be true, anybody and everybody will get the chance to own whichever ‘Bushwick Birkin’ they damn well please under Telfar’s Bag Security Program. All sizes and colours of the brand’s beloved ‘Shopping Bag’ will be available to purchase on a special made-to-order run. There is a catch, however.

Orders must be paid for in full, with no refunds, exchanges, or adjustments, and you’ll have to wait until January 2021 to actually receive it. It’s a fair enough investment towards owning a piece of history, but if you’re that much of a commitment-phobe, the bags will also still be releasing in regular drops. 

The announcement made today states, “We didn’t set out to make an impossible to get product. The whole point of our bag is accessibility and community… But the truth is (with or without the bots and resellers) when thousands of bags sell per second, we can’t even know how many to make.”

The Bag Security Program comes as a forward-thinking solution that no other ‘it’ bag has seen, or would have even considered, before. Telfar continues to prove that no matter how wild their success has been, when they said “its not for you — its for everyone”, they meant it. 

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