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SANS [CEUTICALS] serve up a freshly conceived Superdose Luminosity Masque

Lucy Vincent, founder of SANS [CEUTICALS], talks about her new-release serum, strategy, self-care and more.

Interview by Adam Bryce

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You don’t often release new products, this seems to be the first new product in a while. What’s your strategy behind how many products you offer and what to add to the SANS offering?

We take a minimalist approach to skin and hair care, so it’s a rare treat for us to bring something new to market. We only release products that we genuinely believe offer better solutions than what’s out already out there. Although ingredient science is a field we get really excited about and new ‘buzz ingredients’ come up every year, in general, we like to tweak the formulations of our existing products if we think we can improve them, rather than launch additional products just for the sake of novelty.

Why this product in particular?

We’re launching our Superdose facial collection with an exfoliating masque because gentle but effective exfoliation prepares the skin for anything you apply afterwards. If the top layers of your skin are clogged with dead skin cells, the active ingredients that you’re paying for in your moisturiser aren’t going to penetrate as effectively. And if you use overly strong acids or several different products that all contain ingredients with an exfoliating action, you can end up aggravating your skin and disrupting the skin barrier. You want to get your skin into a perfectly balanced state where cell turnover is functioning at its best, but your skin barrier — the kind of protective membrane of the outer layers of your skin — stays resilient. If it’s disrupted, that’s when you get inflammatory conditions like eczema, acne and infections. 

Tell us about the Superdose Luminosity Masque. How does it differ from other solutions in the market?

Our Superdose Luminosity Masque hits that ideal balance that I just mentioned. It’s formulated with the right ratios of lactic acid and Vitamin C to gently but very effectively dissolve dead skin cell build-up and spur on cell turnover, but not at a level where it’s going to aggravate your skin and disrupt the barrier function. We’ve included mānuka honey, which is wonderful for soothing and healing existing skin conditions, as well as hyaluronic acid, which is a molecule that can hold many its own weight in water, so it really plumps the skin up with hydration. 

This is the first in a new line of Superdose products you are adding to the SANS offering. tell us about Superdose and why it works so well?

The beauty of Superdose is its simplicity. Over the last few years, I’ve been hearing dermatologists sounding the alarm about how many products people are putting on their skin these days. Like, 10-step routines and layering multiple single-dose serums. I think it’s awesome that people are becoming more knowledgable about ingredient science, but formulation science — mixing ingredients together to create the best results — is extremely complicated. You don’t really want to mess around with it if you’re not a professional.

The Superdose Luminosity Masque — and the other products to come in the collection — are created to do their job so well that you only need one product. You use the Superdose Luminosity Masque once a week — or perhaps you could use it twice if you have extremely tolerant skin — and that’s it. Great skincare is a lot simpler than many people make it out to be.

The ethics behind your products have always been at the centre of what SANS create and you’ve done this since day one. What are your thoughts on the industry’s movement towards more ethical and sustainable products?

The name ‘Sans’ was originally an acronym for ‘sustainable and natural skincare’ so, yes, it’s been central since day one. I’ve always believed that the beauty industry must and would move towards a more sustainable and ethical model, so it’s great to see that happening more widely but there is still a long way to go. Particularly when it comes to packaging, which is an area where we’ve got some exciting developments
in the works.

Since the inception of SANS, has the plan changed throughout that time? And has the pandemic affected the way the company is run or how you see the development of products?

We’ve always taken an organic approach to growth, which has been a good thing this year. Our supply chains are very robust so we have been fairly well insulated from disruption and have actually seen continued growth. But the main thing that’s supported us is that our community is incredibly loyal and I think that’s because they get our mindset, which has always been about trying to live better in a holistic way — through the nourishing recipes and restorative bathing and self-care rituals we create, our celebrations of inspiring women, playlists to change our headspace and so on. Our products are part of an approach to life that I think has become important to a lot more people this year.

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