An inspiration to our Photographer Appreciation Club has passed and we’d like to extend our respect to such an exceptional creative who long-captured our hearts.


Peter Beard wasn’t just a talented photographer (and babe) — he had the extraordinary ability to pull you into a seemingly other dimension with his can’t-look-away works.

Born in New York, Peter Beard’s creative endeavours began with diary writings which were subsequently accompanied by his first foray into photography. Then, inspired by trips to Africa in his 20s, Beard migrated to Kenya and documented the harrowing demise of 35,000 elephants and other wildlife in his first book, The End of the Game. His art, combining of a variety of intriguing mediums including newspaper clippings, insects, old photos and the like, were undeniably engrossing and other-worldly.

The masses became privy to his talents, thanks to the photography commissions from Vogue and Elle magazines, and he eventually added a reputation as a highly charismatic, swashbuckler of a man-about-town to his resumé.

If you don’t know his work, join the club and enjoy.

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