As you’re surely aware of by now, Tuesday morning marks the gradual re-boot of the New Zealand economy and, with it, an opportunity for us to support local businesses which have been lying dormant over lockdown.


Staying within the confines of your bubble and home are still the government guidelines but, good news, shopaholics, our packages shall arrive. And, if it so happens that your bank account’s looking a bit black thanks to minimal petrol costs and the like, consider shelling some of that dough on small local businesses. Behind them are the folk often are taken for granted (who else is saying their ‘hail marys’ in preparation for a decent coffee come Tuesday).

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been mooching around lockdown wishing you had more books to read, different clothes to ‘spark joy’ or even an artwork for that goddamn blank wall you’ve been staring at for a month.

And now, our patience has paid off. Apart from doing your bit to help the country’s health, you can now focus, in your own small way, in showing support to our local enterprises and indulge in some ‘win-win’ retail therapy. Winter socks? Yes please. A book dedicated to Francis Bacon’s artwork of wounded and traumatised humanity in the post war era? Erm, sure. A hand-made ceramic soup ladle? Fuck, why not.

All at our fingertips atm but, a few days later, then in our very dry hands (thanks sanitiser). Some stores are even a offering ‘click and collect’ service so if your addiction is so bad you couldn’t possibly wait for the post service, you can nip out and collect things on your daily wander.

If your brain’s gone a bit stale on the spending front, see below for some of INDEX’s favourite spots…

Many of our favourite local labels also have their own online stores, you can see these here.

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