Prada introduce a sustainable line of iconic silhouettes ft. nylon

Written by Sabina Sysantos

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Prada’s ability to stay relevant in a ‘could-be-cancelled-any-moment’ climate is a very welcome addition to the family.

In more it’s-cool-to-care-about-the-environment related news, Prada has just expanded its Re-Nylon range for 2020, now offering RTW footwear, hats, belts and various bag models, including bum bags, rucksacks, shoulder bags, and an archival Re-Edition style. 

With the success of the first Re-Nylon launch in 2019, the capsule collections come as part of Prada’s sustainability initiative to phase out the use of all non-recyclable nylon materials by 2021. A new nylon fabric called ECOnly was specially engineered, through a partnership between the Italian fashion brand and the textile yarn producer Aquafil. The Prada Re-Nylon collections are crafted entirely from this regenerated nylon — made through the recycling and purification of plastic collected from oceans, fishing nets, landfills and textile fibre waste from around the world. The material is designed to be continually recycled over and over again. 

The new collection comes alongside a series of short films produced by National Geographic that reveal the inner workings of how ECOnly is produced, promoting the transparency of their supply chain. In partnership with UNESCO, a percentage of sales from the Re-Nylon collection will go to the organisation’s upcoming sustainability project.

The original Prada nylon had been a staple of the brand since they debuted their now-iconic nylon backpack in 1984. Originally made of the same material used for army tents, Prada’s utilitarian designs had proven that fashion and function were not mutually exclusive. Beating out its banana flame bowling shirts and baroque swirl sunglasses, there is no other aspect of the Prada brand more synonymous to the name than its beloved nylon pieces. 

The Re-Nylon initiative is Prada’s next step in preserving their heritage and brand identity while adapting to modern times. Their actions prove that luxury and responsibility must go hand in hand, and provide an example of attainable ways we can progress into a cyclical fashion market. In a perfect world, the most environmentally-friendly option would be to not buy any of it at all. But in a world that’s still learning, there will always be demand and the best thing a brand can do is to find more sustainable ways to meet it. 

Prada’s continuous innovation and forward-thinking is what has allowed the brand to never lose its relevance. A new generation of consumers may have threatened the extinction of many old classics, but Prada’s iconic nylon lives on — and on and on and on.

prada re-nylon
prada re-nylon

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