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Paris Georgia push the reset button

Written by Adam Bryce

Photograped by Supplied

One of our favourite fashion labels, Paris Georgia, release a delightfully unexpected collection.

Fashion is experiencing drastic change across all facets of the industry but, with change, comes innovation and Paris Georgia concluded that the reset required a new approach.

Their first post-lockdown collection has comfort at its core, with loose shapes and soft fabrics bringing a new look to the Auckland-based label. Don’t fret however, it still has its signature femininity and vintage-inspired vibe. 

But it’s not just the look and feel that’s changed for Paris Georgia — they’ve also implemented a new pre-order system. You can order pieces from the collection now (with a 50 per cent deposit) and your garment will be delivered within four to eight weeks. The biggest benefit? The strategy eliminates waste, garments are only manufactured upon purchase which better protects our environment. 

Check out the collection online, entitled Elemental 01, which has been impeccably styled by Australia’s New York-based stylist, Melissa Levy, and features legendary model Emma Balfour. 

paris georgia
paris georgia
paris georgia
paris georgia
paris georgia
paris georgia

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