If sustainability is the new cool, then you are just 7 to 10 days away from being the coolest m*ther f*cker in your clique.


So you think you’re a big advocate of sustainable fashion? Maybe you even just updated your winter wardrobe for with a down jacket made from recycled fibres? You’re doing a pretty good job at looking after the planet. Well, you were, I thought.

Then I found Pangaia. With their self-cleaning t-shirts made from seaweed fiber; puffer jackets filled with wildflowers (FLWRDWN™); lab-produced pigments made from flower DNA — all of a sudden every other brands innovation within the sustainability space seemed completely irrelevant.

Pangaia isn’t like other companies in their structure or purpose either. They’re not a fashion brand that decided it’s better for the environment if they manufacture in a sustainable way. This is a collective — a group of the best scientists, technologists and designers — who had, in previous lives, worked for big fashion powerhouses such as LVMH. Their sole purpose now is to collectively change the way fashion impacts the world and, as an added bonus for us, their experience and talent means design and style is in no way sacrificed in the creation of these pieces.

The way I see it, is this… even if you couldn’t care less about the future of the world or think sustainability is simply the fashion world’s latest marketing trend, buy Pangaia anyway. Your puffer jacket will be packed full of flowers and your t-shirt will clean it-goddman-self. The future has arrived and I am here for it.


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