No-one gives a fuck about millennial pink anymore

Written by Sara Black

Pantone, the colour company who, unbeknownst to the gen public, have a big say in the trends of colour in fashion and interiors, decree that classic blue is your new BFF.

And so, because I’m a compulsive window shopper, I present you a bunch of beautiful blue things.

Mollo Armchair by Established & Sons

Into slightly weird voluminous armchairs? Same. Bold and super soft, the Mollo Armchair is 100 per cent foam without any hard internal structure, making it quite the interior statement. Add one to the basket on your next visit to Simon James.

Classic Socks by Kowtow

Kowtow, an INDEX favourite, offer up the most handsome of classic socks. Available in cobalt, red or grey marle, you can proudly make your purchase knowing that the cotton is organically farmed and free from chemical sprays or genetically modified seeds. They’re dyed with Global Organic Textile Standard-approved inks which are free from chlorine bleach, toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde and aromatic solvents. And made in a transparent supply chain, which works with fair trade-certified farmers and manufacturers from seed to garment. Sold.

Nailpolishes by Kester Black

Kester Black, a company who doesn’t mince their thoughts on sustainability and social justice, make buying nailpolish a doubly-feelgood move. Almost colour-matched to Pantone’s Classic Blue, consider their earthy blue offering or go full hog and get their trio of blues. Periwinkle for winter brunches, Lapis for dinner at your mother-in-law’s home and Coolaid for when you’re depressed and need to self-cheer.

Calligraphy Bird Rug by Moooi Carpets

“The male would move back and forth in a rhythmic dance, the blue hues of his ornate collar feathers shining in the sun. The female would respond by fanning her tail feathers that ended in what resembled graceful calligraphy swirls, writing her very own colourful love message. This circular carpet (from ECC) safeguards the poetic beauty of the birds’ courtship, making it eternal”. Need I say more?

Blue Grid and Blue Grid, Grey Grid artworks by Ruth Cleland

Seems Ruth from Hamilton was ahead of the colour times with her two exquisitely grid-centric artworks, painted in 2018. Best known for her photo-realist paintings and abstract works, the Melanie Roger Gallery-represented artist, has mastered the art of gentle structure.

pantone blue

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