This listing was removed due to the inappropriate nature of the exhibition.

INDEX does not condone or support neo-nazi, fascist, anti-semetic, queerphobic, or transphobic images or behaviour. We will not share any listings or information on future Mercy Pictures events.

We apologise for the harm caused to those affected communities. We acknowledge that it is not enough for us as media to not be racist, we must be anti-racist. In order to achieve this, we believe education and learning are vital to enable us, as an editorial team, to act in this way. As a team we are working hard to educate ourselves on how we can play a role in creating an equal, fair, and progressive media landscape.

As readers of INDEX, we urge you to look for ways to educate yourself too. With regard to the matter of the Mercy Pictures exhibition People of Colour, here are some helpful resources:

A rose, is a flag, is a racist: The trouble with Mercy Pictures’ People of Colour – written by Jon Bywater

Open letter in regards to the Mercy Pictures exhibition 

Daniel Satele’s Instagram account @sunny_biwl – Satele’s instagram account discusses the boycott of Eye contact due to their review and support of the People of Colour exhibition.

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