New Zealand fashion just got comfy-cored

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Classic 90s sportswear moments don’t seem to date and feeling comfortable certainly doesn’t.

Formerly the uniform of celebrities racing from the gym to their SUV, sweats have taken on a new role in 2020. A staple for most during periods of lockdown but they’re now also a vital element in a new wave of hi-lo fashion. 

While New Zealand might be in the fortunate position of living reasonably free of any pandemic enforced restrictions, this hasn’t stopped a plethora of new sweatshirts and sweatpants flooding the market. Take your pick from a wealth of global choices, from Britain’s classic Sunspel or Japan’s heritage-rich Loopwheeler to the mood-inspired jjjjound or Sporty & Rich. Or stay local with our New Zealand recommends below.

#1 — Paris Georgia Classic Pullover and Cargo Pants
#2 — Maggie Marilyn Somewhere Sport
#3 — Maggie Marilyn Somewhere Crewneck Sweatshirt
#4 — Marle Jamee Pant
#5 — Marle Jossi Pant
#6 — Maggie Marilyn Somewhere Track Pants
#7 — Maggie Marilyn Somewhere 01 Hoodie

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