New to the organic cotton club, FM 669 are ones to watch (and wear)

We chat with FM 669 founder, Daniel Leigh, on considered cotton and classic cuts.

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fm 669

Tell us about the concept behind FM 669, your new garment brand.

FM 669 came about from a desire to create cotton garments in cuts that I couldn’t find elsewhere with a considered production process.

FM 669 takes inspiration from classic American cotton garments and are all made in the USA, from the organic cotton farms in Texas to sewing in the NYC garment district. The name FM 669 is taken from a ‘Farm to Market’ (FM) road that runs by some of the cotton farms in Texas.

The garments are inspired by classic American garments. Why is it important these items are reinvented for a new era?

We see a lot of images of cotton garments worn in American society and pop culture so it’s natural to take some inspiration from this history. With FM 669, we want to create garments now that feel classic and that the individual will choose to wear for many years whether it is worn elegantly and less frequently or worn hard until it turns to rags.

Sustainability is at the core of FM 669, what are your thoughts on how the fashion industry is progressing to improve?

I think the word sustainability is used liberally by brands producing new fashion. To make an impact, we need to produce and consume less.

There is a lot of money tied up with keeping the industry and bigger players producing and, if that continues to be sustained in the way it has been, then much of the sustainability talk is lip service. I’m excited by more regional/domestic fibre and manufacturing systems.

Sustainability within fashion is heavily built around transparency. Are there areas of your process you want to improve upon and find ways in which to innovate?

I’ve enjoyed talking with our cotton growers about the way their collective is learning and applying more regenerative farming practices that work for their location and climate. We currently make payments to a forest conservation project to offset our customer shipping but we’d like to explore more ways to lessen transportation emissions rather than just making carbon offset payments.

We haven’t produced colour garments other than black yet because we are trying to learn more about viable non-toxic, natural and hand-dyeing options that we can bring into the process.

What new garments are on the cards for FM 669?

There are a couple of new styles that we are refining at the moment, for release this US summer. We will continue to work with US-grown organic cotton and introduce new weights and styles bi-annually. There are some smaller US manufacturers creating heavier canvas knits etc with organic US grown cotton that we are excited to explore also.

fm 669
fm 669
fm 669
fm 669
fm 669

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