NEW RELEASE: Jasmin Sparrow presents Waves

View the new collection of jewellery in motion captured by videographer Aidan Rogers.

Styling Paris Mitchell-Temple

Designed in isolation, Jasmin Sparrow’s new collection, Waves, is inspired by the ocean in all its tumultuous beauty. With a desire for calm and ease at the fore of many minds navigating a turbulent year, nature provides a source of comfort.

With a focus on the here and now, creative director Jasmin Scott, designed the pieces with the intention of everyday wear. These treasures echo circular and organic shapes found along the shoreline. Overlapping discs of the ‘Moon’ necklace are reminiscent of the night’s sky, a cluster of pearls speak to the discovery of a special keepsake. 

Each piece is available now online, at Jasmin Sparrow’s Auckland showroom and select New Zealand and Australian stockists.


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