Natural perfumer, Abel Odor, creates an electro-pop scent

Written by INDEX

Photographed by Steven Boniface

A perfume with notes of seaweed? Abel Odor is modern perfumery at its finest.

In the good old days (think ancient Egypt, Persia, Rome and China), all fragrances originated from the earth, and aromatic flowers, wood and spices were considered top-notch ingredients in which to form the base of a great scent. 

Nowadays, innovation has intervened to the detriment of many perfumes and, if an ingredients list was legally required, you’d likely discover a cacophony of synthetic chemicals to emulate scents.

Which is why the announcement of Abel Odor’s new scent, Cyan Nori, is extra sweet. Inspired by Wellington’s wild seas, the fragrance profile is a sweet n’ salty blend of tangerine, white peach and seaweed (nori).

Established in Amsterdam in 2013 by New Zealander Frances Shoemack, her goal was simple but lofty big — to create the world’s best natural perfume. It took Shoemack on a journey from ditching a wine-making career to exploring independent European perfumeries to an Australasian master perfumer by the name of Isaac Sinclair.

With stockists in more than 30 countries and counting, we’re pretty sure they’re onto a good thing.

abel odor

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