Honest, compelling and intimate — these films give us a glimpse into the fast-paced world of fashion.


Dries (2017)

Take an intimate look into a year with fashion designer Dries Van Noten. From visits to his dedicated embroiderers to his extravagant fashion shows, this film takes you inside Dries’ creative process and his distinctive approach to design.

Where to watch: YouTube or iTunes

McQueen (2018)

Explore the life of the late, brilliant, but tortured, British fashion designer Alexander McQueen, who started his career in his teens before gaining notice as a designer for Givenchy. He then launched his own label, which continues to this day.

Where to watch: Google Play, iTunes or YouTube

Dior and I (2015)

Shot in 2012, this documentary begins with Dior’s legacy being placed in the hands of Belgium creative director Raf Simons and follows his eight-week journey to showcasing his first couture collection for the company.

Where to watch: iTunes or DocPlay

Bill Cunningham New York (2010)

“I’m not interested in celebrities and their free dresses, I’m interested in clothes,” said legendary New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham, who also claimed, “the best fashion show is definitely on the street.”

Watch the trailer: here

The September Issue (2009)

Go behind the cover of Vogue’s most important issue of the year, the September issue, and take a glimpse inside the incredible work of fashion force, Anna Wintour.

Where to watch: iTunes or DocPlay

Absolutely Fashion: Inside British Vogue (2016)

This TV series takes viewers inside the fashion-filled world of British Vogue as editor Alexandra Shulman and her team prepare for the magazine’s 100th-anniversary edition.

Where to watch: BBC

Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton (2017)

Showcasing candid and unrehearsed glimpses of Marc Jacobs in the throes of creative invention, this documentary explores how the famous designer consistently broke new ground with innovative designs that steered fashion into new directions.

Where to watch: Prime Video

Loic Prigent’s YouTube channel

Not a film, but no less of a must-watch, Loic Prigent captures everything you want to see in fashion. From behind the scenes at fashion shows to interviews with designers and celebrities alike, your days will soon be filled with Loic. You can thank us later.

Watch it all: here

Lagerfeld Confidential (2007)

One review of this fascinating film about the late designer’s notoriously private life said, “the designer’s droll wit makes this a compelling (if bitchy) documentary.” Which, is really all we need to make us watch it.

See the trailer: here

Martin Margiela: In his own Words (10th April 2020)

Shrouded in mystery, this rule-breaking designer is finally ready to show us exactly who he is. Martin Margiela’s famous for staying out of the spotlight, choosing to let his work speak for him. He’s never given any sit-down interviews, released any official portraits and. in press statements, he refers to the house as “we”. Now, Margiela provides the commentary for the whole film as he explains why he’s chosen to remain anonymous all these years.

See the trailer: here

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