Miuccia Prada + Raf Simons’ debut collection wins fashion

Described as a dialogue between Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, the most awaited collection of the year was presented overnight in Milan.

Seven months back, Prada announced the appointment of Raf Simons as their new co-creative director working alongside Miuccia Prada. And since that fine day, the fashion world has been patiently waiting with bated breath for their debut collection. Last night, the moment arrived and it did not disappoint. The questions on how the collaboration would work were answered, and answered with aplomb. We finally witnessed the unveiling of future Prada and their philosophies and ethos of a new generation of the legendary Italian brand. 

One of the biggest collaboration challenges was the pandemic-restricting communications placed upon the pair but this proved to create the dialogue behind the collection, a dialogue between humankind and machine. A unique blend of isolation and togetherness.

Simons tapped longtime collaborator Peter De Potter to create the art that layered the minimal and unstructured garments — an ode to how a new world might operate, more simplistic in some ways, more complicated in others. The collection almost presents like two that gel together in layers to create the perfect future of fashion. Stripped-back shapes and detailing matched with cultural reference and colour.




Designed by Rem KoolhaasOMA/AMO, the runway was built for cameras not audiences. In the case of this new Prada, the machinery surveyed the models as they walked through the space was indicative of the humankind vs machine dialogue of the collection itself.

The soundtrack, composed for the show by British-Canadian electronic musician Richie Hawtin, was quintessentially Raf. The lyrics spoke the name of each model in the show who were all new to the game with the casting providing their debuts also.


The runway was conceived with the purpose of being shared digitally around the world in real time with a per-scheduled, post-collection Q&A.Watch the show and gain an insight into the pre-collection workings with revealing answers from the two heavy hitters.

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