Meanwhere, a solo exhibition of new work by Dane Mitchell

Written by Adam Bryce

Photography by Harry Culy

Dane Mitchell, one of New Zealand’s Venice Biennale alumni, presents a strapping new exhibition at Wellington’s Mossman art gallery.

Meanwhere, Mitchell’s latest exhibition explores transition through the actuality of scanned entry/exits points, enlarged to a near-unrecognisable scale. Consisting of five large-format photographic prints, they pull your eye from the purposefully sparsely decorated space into the artist’s mind and allow perspective from an almost non-physical viewpoint.

“Doorways in our current context bare silent witness to the significant impact of imperceptible forces, particularly the risk of contamination between bodies. Mitchell’s longstanding interest in the viewing body as an unpredictable force — as a subjective element within a supposedly objective system — but also as a potential contaminant is evident here.”

Pop in Wednesday – Friday (11am – 5pm), Saturday (11am – 3pm) or get fancy and a make an appointment for a private viewing.

dane mitchell

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