Max Lamb and Kwangho Lee make exciting ripples in the tile world

Design prodigies, Max Lamb and Kwangho Lee, are tasked with creating bespoke tiles and nail it.

WORDS Adam Bryce
Photography Supplied

To celebrate their global launch, Tajimi Custom Tiles, called in the big guns to produce a collaboration unlike anything we’ve ever witnessed. In 2018, calls were made to modern-day mastercrafters Max Lamb and Kwangho Lee tasking them to create an installation from three-dimensional tiles.

The brief required them to create sculptural items from local Japanese materials and production methods, and the results are nothing less than brilliant. Lamb settled on manufacturing tiles with a method known as pressure moulding, which enables the most precise of shapes. Four tile styles were designed — a flat tile, a corner tile, a curved bead tile and a sweep tile. Korean designer Lee, inspired by the clay extrusion process, crafted modules which align to create loop-like, three-dimensional patterns. These can be stacked vertically or horizontally allowing forms such as walls and benches to emerge.

You can take a walkable digi tour of the installation here, but the best news? Each tile is available for architects to employ in their designs, meaning you could have a little Max Lamb or Kwangho Lee in your life.

max lamb


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