Make men dress great again

Written by Adam Bryce

Style icons can define the vision of one’s generation, decade, period of time in life where not much mattered.

I appreciated the way men used to dress. There once existed a bunch of style icons who we could look up to. They were impossibly cool but, at the same time, gave us inspiration to aspire to new heights. Gave us new meaning to classic style and, inevitably, dictated the way men would dress for years to come.

These days, we don’t have style icons. Social media has changed the landscape and propelled forward a whole new type of ‘icon’ and understated cool is far from the mindset of the selfie-obsessed menswear influencer.

Here are some of the icons of yesteryear who made menswear great.

steve mcqueen

Steve McQueen

David Bowie


David Lynch (left); Jimi Hendrix (right)

Malcom McLaren (left); Ian Curtis (right)

Glenn O’Brien

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Bruce Weber

Miles Davis (left); Paul Newman (right)

Lou Reed

Vincent Gallo

Joseph Beuys

David Hockney (left); Jack Kerouac (right)

Benjamin Clementine (left); Hedi Slimane (right)

Joe Strummer (left); River Phoenix (right)

Raf Simons (left); Joe McKenna (right)

Sam Shepard (left); Julian Schnabel (right)

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